This all the stuff I've learned doing the L.E.D club.

1. L.E.D means Light Emitting Diode not Little Electronic Devices
2. The positive wire on the diode is the longer wire
3. When you hook a L.E.D to a battery you put positive to positive and negative to negative
4. A breadboard is a piece of plastic with a bunch of holes that you can put the L.E.D wires and the other wires that connect them in so that you don't have to hold them or tape them together
5. There are coin batteries and normal batteries, normal batteries are your typical cylinder shape batteries, they are a little too big to be able to hide behind things and sometimes you've got this battery poking out behind your project and it takes the magic away. Coin batteries are small batteries about the size of a nickel, they are pretty light so they won't flip stuff over or rip it
6. The resistors have stripes on them, well the stripes represent the quality of the resistors