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March 14:
  • LED water hook-up
  • Tunnel if water hook-up is complete
  • Get track standing up
March 21:
  • LED hook-up on track with coin/button batteries
March 28:
  • Dry ice
  • Design
  • Research
  • Building
  • LED/ lighting and electric devices

Report By Noah, Morgan, Jacob, Drew, and Abby!!
So far in our project, we have made a ramp with LED lights connected to it, that flicker on and off when the ball rolls over them. Also we have hooked up the water container, that has LED lights under it, that will light up the water. The other thing we have made is a tunnel. We have cut slits on the top of it and stuck lights in them. Then we cut the USB port and stripped the wire off. We put the coin battery on the end we stripped. On the day of filming we brought in the dry ice. That was our steam. Also on the last day we made an awesome discovery.We decided to put a thingy - mere - bob at the end of the track. That was going to catch our ball.