1. Put your ideas here:
  2. super / quick dry Glue- mrs white
  3. paper- school
  4. LED lights - mr b/ ty
  5. silhouette thing - mr k
  6. computer access - school
  7. scissors -jess
  8. tape -Teryn
  9. pattern paper- mrs white
  10. batteries - ty
  11. wire- mrs white
  12. paint-zoe ( some )
  13. props- zoe

Zoe Clay
Elizabeth House
Zachary Phillips
Teryn Ratcliffe
Tyler Jones
Jessica Walker

Zoe-We made an eye-ball room and we need plexy-glass to make a pen for the balls so that they don't roll away.
Zachary- I made throwes that are supposed to be like magnets but ours were not because we didn't want them to be so they weren't. I also made a random room with random stuff like peace signs,sparkly skulls,glow in the dark stars,and christmas lights.
Jessica- I made a creepy crawler room with glow in the dark snakes and lizards, it also has a wolf picture. Underneath the snakes heads there are L.E.Ds underneath the snake heads that make them glow. I also worked on the sillouette studio to make the outline of the house.
Tyler- I have been working with the lights. I have also fixed a crank because it had a lot of friction so it could not turn because of all the friction.