Hi, Cres LED kids. I'm Morgan! I have an idea for my group. My groups need to divide into groups. Also Edison Enginers can work on building and LED in 2 groups. And then, after the building is done, 3 people can work on designing.During that time the other 2 people need to do research. Hope we will all work super hard!

Abby, I think thats a pretty good idea. Good job Morgan!!!!

Good job!!!! Even though I'm not in your group!!!

Elizabeth: I think that your group is making progress!!

Morgan: We should have a piece of metal and have some one drop all the throwies down on the metal. To decorate the metal, if we have extra electrical tape, we could put tape on it and put the sparkly dragonflies and flowers on it to glow. Maybe we can get some loos glitter and sprinkle it on the metal to make a fun glow. And for the Fun House group, at the end make it peaceful, turn out the lights and then, have a giant LED/evil clown w/ a crazed face pop up.

Elizabeth: SOUNDS AWESOME!!!! Good thinking morgan, I think that we could totally use that.